environment protection

Writing reports and documents on:

  • Reports on impact of the investment on the environment (those already exist and in project phase),
  • permit application on waste management, gas and dust emission into air, water management and noise emission,
  • Notification of the installation,
  • Waste management plan,
  • Noise pollution
  • Consultancy and guidelines in EU funds in environmental protection,

special offer for business partners

  • Organization, implementation and full technical control of environmental protection activities in industrial plants, according polish environmental regulations and law, (Dz.U. 2007 nr 88 poz. 587)
  • Determination and analyses parameters describing state of environmental pollution caused by economical initiatives
  • Forecasting changes in environment caused by industrial activities,
  • Preparation of environmental reports, documents etc. on impact industrial activities on the environment,
  • Management of documents relevant to environmental protection law,
  • We have experience with Windmills farm, new highways, road projects, etc

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additionaly we offer

  • Cooperation with experts with different background,
  • Familiarization of sustainable way of life among society, lectures for students, workshops,
  • Training of personnel to increase the effectiveness of environmental activities;
  • Participation in business negotiations related to big projects, initiatives, consultancy in supervisory board meetings,

Consultancy in environmental management system such as EMAS, ISO and help step by step in REACH


We offer translations of all kinds of documents into: English and German.